Interview with Silver Tent Radio

A post containing Suzi Joy’s interview with Silver Tent Radio for visitors to have a listen if they want to.

Posted on 03/06/2019

Love and Care Package

A page explaining the “Love and Care” package offered by Suzi Joy, an indepth package to help you develop your authentic voice.

Posted on 06/11/2017


By committing to an individual session you are agreeing to receive sound via the internet. Self-healing with sound and soundhealing are holistic healing and not intended as a substitute for medical treatment. If you are unsure you should consult your medical practitioner.                    

Posted on 16/10/2017

Lighten Up

A post explaining the inspiration, history and life experiences behind Suzi Joy’s recent album “Lighten Up”.

Posted on 10/07/2017

Buy Music

A post showing the various albums created by Suzi Joy Lever currently (or previously) available for purchase.

Posted on 12/06/2017

Lighten Up

A post explaining “Lighten Up”, an album of songs created by Suzi Joy Lever, along with links to purchase the various songs.

Posted on 12/06/2017