Free Voices

Want to change your life? Go for this fun way !

Repeating your intention energised by rhythm helps real change to take place.

Free Voices Album Tracks

1 Be Who You Are

We often judge ourselves to an idealised standard. Let’s acknowledge our true self. Buy Now

2 Willingness

Chanting affirmations of our intention helps change to take place. Buy Now

3 I Know What I Need

Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to experiment. Buy Now

4 Work and Play

Reminder that we take ourselves with us wherever we are. Buy Now

5 Tell Your Troubles

Turning to nature can be a great way of soothing ourselves. Buy Now

6 Simplicity

A healthy aim helping us remember that we are human beings, rather than machines! Buy Now

7 Powerful Person

Link in with the Power that created us. Buy Now

8 We’re Connected

Sometimes we forget that we’re not isolated – even the breath we breathe is part of something much greater. Buy Now

9 Rejoice

Let’s celebrate that so many more of us are seeking Peace in our lives. Buy Now

10 Free Voices

Allowing our voices to be free is a glorious experience.! Opens up so many more possibilities for fulfillment. Buy Now