Sound Spring Cleaning!

Did you know that the human voice can be used to cleanse your surroundings and bring harmony and flow into your life?!

If like me you live in the Northern Hemisphere in a country emerging from Spring into Summer the miracle of the sprouting of trees, plants and nest-building activities fills you with awe. For many of us it brings a desire to deep-clean our homes to allow the new vital energy to circulate.

Years ago I ran a weekly drop-in Chanting & Toning group in a central London Arts Centre. One week as our usual room was unavailable and I didn’t want to cancel I agreed to use the basement space named the ‘Meeting Room’.

What a learning experience that turned out to be! The atmosphere felt heavy and turgid. When I started the sound of my voice was blocked. None of us could tone. We had to suspend our usual uplifting session and focus all our intention and sound on cleaning the energy of the room. Eventually, our voices transformed it. We assumed it was a build up of frustration, stress and conflict by previous occupants that was invisible but creating havoc.

You may have heard of Feng Shui, a practical approach to creating harmony and wellbeing in your home or work used extensively in Chinese culture and by the corporate world. It can be very effective if you can book a skilled expert who draws up complex plans, suggests cures to buy and implement. There are many informative and instructional books but following them can be complicated and time-consuming to the layman.

A description of how I was affected by energy –

Suzi Joy Lever in Hexham

When I lived in West London, I regularly walked happily though Shepherd Bush Market. One day I felt anxious and very tense for no apparent reason. As I tentatively continued on, I saw groups of people ahead. Concerned there had been a violent attack I wondered whether I should turn back. Courageously I edged forward. To my surprise, I saw TV Cameras and an intensive scene of “Minder” with Dennis Waterman being played out. What a relief it was only drama but how effectively they had created the frightening atmosphere in real life!

To explore how the sound of the human voice can work for you –

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