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About Suzi

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Suzi’s experience includes:

  • gaining a BA(Hons) Degree in Sociology
  • many years of social, community and counseling work
  • co-owning and developing an original craft shop in Birmingham in her 20’s
  • owning a holistic mail-order catalogue in her 30’s – “Rainbow Express”

While the theme was always working with and supporting people, Suzi’s purpose was not fully realised, until 1992 when she discovered her own creativity. 40 original songs “flooded out of her”. She recorded a musical autobiography, “Beyond the Wall”, and began to run workshops to share with others her enthusiasm for the healing power of sound.

In 2000 she recorded her first CD of 17 original chants “Be Here Now” since then she has been written many more chants and songs.

Originally from London and a city dweller, Suzi lived for 10 years near the North Yorkshire Moors, she currently divides her time between Southern Spain and North Yorkshire enjoying being by the sea in both countries. She’s been living with her partner David Thorne, a writer, for the last 24 years.

A Village In Andaluz

Suzi’s love affair with Spain.

Suzi’s Training and Personal Development

Suzi has trained with:

  • Frankie Armstrong in Natural Voicework
  • The Australian, Chris James
  • American Pioneer Sound Master Jonathan Goldman
  • Leo Rutherford in Shamanism

Suzi is also a Reiki Practitioner and a NLP Master Practitioner and Laughter Therapist. She is an experienced counsellor.

Training highlights included an International Healing Sounds Intensive in Colorado with Jonathan Goldman, American Pioneer of Sound Healing.

Her personal awakening has also been greatly aided by regular trips to Brazil to the Casa of Dom Inacio to visit the “Miracle Man”. She has been privileged to experience and witness his incredible healing powers.

Workshop Testimonials

“As a professional vocalist and voice coach… it is indeed most liberating to not be constricted by my normal structure of ‘music’… I returned to my everyday life feeling calmer, more relaxed and more in touch with myself and my surroundings.

Hannah, Bishop Auckland

“Your work is wonderful. Weeks later I am still feeling the changes in me.”
Mary, Darlington

“Since coming to your workshop my life has transformed. Now I’ve found a joy in being me that I never dreamed possible.”
Penny, London

“I have found a new strength, new identity, and definitely a sense of empowerment. Sound is so freeing.”
Barbara, London

“Good things happen when I let go, relax and stop trying to control my voice. Voice, words, sounds are very powerful.”
Ingrid, London

“I was amazed by the way all my muscles relaxed – my back pain gone.”
Claire, York

“Thank you for the day’s workshop it was truly inspirational with a generous sprinkling of fun thrown in”
Sue, Richmond

And also a longer extract from Margot, Jarrow, Tyne & Wear

“Suzi guided the group so gently without any pressure to perform, or do, or be anything other than what felt comfortable and right for each individual present. I could not believe how easy the sound came from me – and that I was actually enjoying the sound of my own voice!”

“To describe Suzi’s approach I use the analogy of a fear of water. Rather than being asked to plunge head-long into something scary, it was as if a kind and gentle stranger took me by the hand and said ‘I’m going for a paddle in the sea – would you like to come with me and watch?’….. ‘Would you like to put your toe in the water?… It feels really nice….only come if it feels ok for you’.”

“Before long I was in the water – swimming and enjoying all the sounds and sensations the experience brought”

“This fun and liberating approach to connecting with one’s true essence has got to be a winner”

“I would like to say to anyone who has reservations about attending Suzi’s workshops:‘Come on in – the water is just fine’”

Media Coverage About Suzi Lever

Media coverage has included:

  • Daily Mail and Daily Express
  • Here’s Health, Choice, Health and Fitness, Woman & Home and Yoga magazines
  • ‘Super Therapies’ and ‘The Natural Year’  books by Jane Alexander
  • BBC1 ‘Heaven and Earth Show’, BBC2 ‘Esther’, Tyne Tees TV ‘Change Your Life’, Meridian and Cable TV
  • Radio Cleveland, Cornwall and Radio RTE, Ireland
  • The Northern Echo
  • The Darlington & Stockton Times
  • Talk of the Town Saltburn
  • Round the Town News (Southern Spain)
  • The Seaside Gazette (Southern Spain)