Lighten Up

Dreams do come true!
I’m living proof!

In 1992 – an incredible 25 years ago long before the advent of social media and the digital music revolution – I was given some words and tunes.

This “Beauty” was inspired by visiting Kew Gardens, when I lived in London, and was feeling lost after a relationship breakup. The grandeur of the Autumn landscape comforted my grieving heart reminding me of the beauty of the world. I carried the creation of this moving song with a commitment to myself to record it one day and share its wonder as widely as possible.

Other words and tunes presented themselves to me. In those days I “doodled” on the guitar until shoulder issues prevented me playing. Years of spinal difficulties and ill health (including mercury poisoning) prevented me moving forward with this dream.

I spent time in Southern Spain during several winters helping me recover my wellbeing. Falling in love with a special village “La Herradura” gave birth to a 2010 composition “Village in Andaluz“.

There a miraculous event occurred, beyond anything I could have imagined. I met a former EMI professional songwriter who believed in my natural songs and pure voice and literally tuned into my compositions. He arranged my melodies and recorded my voice.

This was no simple achievement. If you have ever experienced performance anxiety you will identify! A dry mouth, tense body, doesn’t make for easy recording as my self-confidence would disappear when the recording button was switched on!

Running groups my focus was on helping others to feel relaxed. Here in a recording studio with only my headphones, the room and a sound engineer demanding precise time-keeping I would freeze with fear and forget all the playful joy of writing the songs!

Of course confidence only comes from taking a chance and facing fears. I knew I could help others free their voices. I had lots of success from facilitating healing through the vibration of my voice. What I lacked was confidence and experience in my singing voice.

The digital age and market place are constantly changing. Now when I google “Suzi Joy Lever” it is a delight to see all the links.

My early songs were mainly written in a minor key but always with optimistic lyrics. There are many more recorded and ones waiting to be written. My singing voice has gained in confidence reflected in the progression of songwriting range.

My initial fears of letting other people hear them dissolved as positive feedback encouraged me to move forward with sharing them. While they have a simplicity and are easy listening, listeners report that the more they play them the more depth they experience.

I want to help empower other people through my life’s experiences.

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