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Daily Mail

Singing your way out of the blues by Jane Alexander, Femail Supplement, Daily Mail

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Darlington and Stockton Times

What your inner voice can tell you by Christen Pears, Darlington and Stockton Times.

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Evening Gazette

Soothe stress with a song by Helen Sturdy, Evening Gazette; First Published 3 May 2002.

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Happy Talk by Alison Ferst, Evening Gazette; First Published 15 December 1995

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The Sunday Express

Wake-up call on stress at work, Sunday Express; First Published: 8 October 2000

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Scarborough Evening News

Sing away the blues! by

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The Times

Sound Therapy, The Times

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How Susan can help you find your voice by Christen Pears, thisisnortheast.co.uk

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Lost your inner voice? Finding it again may open the way to self esteem by Sheila Todd

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The healing power of SOUND by Susan Lever, Yoga & Health

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All about Sound Therapy, Here’s Health Magazine; First Published October 1996

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Sure-fire Stressbusters by Jane Alexander, Woman’s Home Magazine

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