Sounding Stars

Sounding Stars

“Do you work with children?”

“Children will love your chants”

“You have a purity and innocence in your singing voice which is very childlike.”

Over and over again people were giving me the same messages but I wasn’t listening fully until now!

I was replying “Thanks but I’ve little experience of working with children. I haven’t even had my own children or enjoyed  an extended family”

Finally, the ‘penny dropped!’ I received so many synchronicities – amazing conversations and chance meetings, and so much encouragement from people I began to change my thinking.

I love freeing the child within the adult in my groups and individual sessions. My happiest times are when improvising words and melodies sharing with other people in that special zone of uninhibited creativity.

An over responsible child now as an adult I’m enjoying letting my own free child play much more. I adore colour as you may have noticed from my website! I used to  take life so seriously despite my own joyful guidance (listen to lighten up!)

There are so many wonderful resources for children on YouTube which I’ve been enjoying exploring eg Yoga, TaiChi and Mindfulness. My favourite Yoga Nidra is by John Vosler:

I started to feel excited about helping children build confidence in their own unique voice. Most of the difficulties my clients bring to me stem from childhood conditioning. But I was wondering how to take the first step!

Then  I met up with Julie Jurgan who runs a great online marketing network, Blossom of the Soul, and offered to help promote my first event.

Now on October 21st I’m giving my first session for young people aged 5-12 at the Earthbeat Centre.

I love the title (“Sounding Stars”) We are all stars in our own special way! It’s good to help people realise it from a young age especially as it took me such a long time to know it. As more and more people value their uniqueness and share their gifts together uniting through sound and an appreciation for the joy of life what a difference it will make in the world!!!