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I love sharing my passion for the joy and creativity of self-expression through sound. I offer a fun way of helping you free your authentic voice: allow your voice to shine!

“Free your voice
Free your energy
Find your happiness in creativity”

Over the past 28 years I have:

History of Sound Healing and Voice Workshops

Healing with sound is very ancient. The Mystery Schools of Egypt, Greece and Rome understood that vibration is the fundamental active force in the universe and developed specific chants and tones for healing. Today’s techniques are based on these ancient traditions.

At one time singing was a natural part of our daily life. We sang in the fields, sang to celebrate and to give thanks. Sadly this tradition has been lost. Nowadays many of us have been led to believe we cannot sing or are inhibited in using our voices in public. We’ve become passive listeners instead of active participants.

It’s time to reclaim our birthright!