What was your reaction when you read my title?

For me that’s a daring title for this blog. I wondered whether I needed to delete it. These are challenging transformative times with so much unrest, unhappiness, frustration and anger around us. Yet I was clear I wanted to share my personal thoughts about choosing Joy.

Last year I recorded a Radio conversation entitled the Present Moment. It seems even more relevant to today’s current situation.

We always have a choice as to what we focus on, even if it doesn’t always feel like it.

You only have to look at a newborn baby to be reminded of the Joy and Miracle of Creation. Notice how sunshine brings out Joy for many people and how the simple act of smiling is infectious in a good way.

I appreciate that for some people life is looking very bleak at present, for example, loss of income, health concerns, so much uncertainty. Yet, I believe there is always the possibility of hope for the future. 

On a daily basis I look for something to plug me into my natural Joy. My favourite ways are playing with my voice, exercise which releases endorphins and balances my emotions, and being outside in nature. What would be  your ways of doing this?

I’m not in any way denying suffering. How would we know Joy, if we hadn’t experienced the opposite. 

I suffered from severe depression for much of the early part of my life so it’s been a deep personal healing journey for me to experience Joy after the darkness.  

When we allow our light to shine it unconsciously gives others permission to shine. Yesterday a friend dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety said that my sharing of some exciting news uplifted her spirits. In the past I would have mistakenly held back because I wouldn’t have thought it was appropriate to actively celebrate it. 

My song the Miracle of Life reminds me to celebrate my Joy of being alive.

It was written when on holiday abroad and feeling upset and angry about a recurrent shoulder injury that had impaired my enjoyment. I observed something that stopped me in my tracks. There was a man in a wheelchair begging outside a hotel which he did everyday. It caused me to reflect with humility. I realised that I could expect to heal my sore muscles, whereas he was most likely to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

There is so much more in this great Mystery of the Universe then we will ever fully understand, when we look outside ourselves.

I’m fortunate to receive so many heartwarming Facebook posts in my newsfeed. People sharing the wonder of their garden; plants flowering, visitors to their bird table, after slowing down enough to notice small things and blessings they previously failed to appreciate.

What about this beautiful Dragonfly reminder?

I called myself Suzi Joy, initially as a recording name, but now encourage people to use Joy as my middle name. Just hearing the word ‘Joy’ always lifts me, especially on my occasional grumpy days! I’ve noticed when I’m feeling especially bouncy, when I introduce myself to strangers, they call me Joy as though it was my first name. The word Joy holds a special vibration for me and others.  

And remember if you would like support to access your own inner Joy, I may be able to help you. I’m currently offering a 30 mins introductory session, payment by donation, whatever you can afford, so cost doesn’t need to be a barrier.