In these uncertain,unsettling times do you have any favourite songs you sing or listen to? Are there any lyrics you find especially comforting? An easy way to calm our nervous system is simply to seek out the songs we personally resonate with and enjoy them.

I wrote a song “Transitions” 8 years ago to comfort me when I was experiencing  grief. I felt displaced when I was travelling back and forwards to Southern Spain, where I was concentrating on recording my music, and being in England where I was resident. 

Now this recording has been described as an ‘anthem for our times’ and has already reached many people who identify and find support through my words. I’m delighted to have been interviewed for the online Silver T.V. Youtube channel in these rapidly changing times of the current Pandemic. 

The message of the song, “Transitions” offers hope and safety, validating access to inner guidance through acceptance and staying in the present moment.

I feel I write many songs but some lyrics and tunes appear to ‘write me’. Their words have a timeless clarity and ask to be shared in the world. 

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