My life is full of Joy

My Life is Full of Joy

This uplifting ditty came to me when I was feeling jaded and definitely in need of a change of perspective. Read on to find how the words appeared.

People ask me how I write my songs. Do I think of the tunes or words first? It varies but the main ingredient is getting my ‘thinking’ head out of the way and allowing something unexpected to happen as it did with this one.

It’s a magical process because my compositions seem timeless. When I write them it feels like they have always existed. Often I assume the tune must belong to something else. It feels so familiar, not something that has just been created. It’s a real delight to me that my songs are resonating with a growing number of people who are visiting my YouTube channel.

So is my life always full of joy? 

Yes but it doesn’t depend on the outer world.

Yes when I remember the truth of who I am.  

Yes as I have the power to change my thoughts.  My thoughts can help me feel good about myself and my life.  I’m alive. I’m breathing. That’s awesome to start with.

No when I’m feeling disconnected believing the limited thinking in my mind is all there is to my life.

I forget the crucial importance of what I focus on and how a small change can create truly magical results.

I’m very blessed to live opposite the Sea in Saltburn-by-the-Sea. I’m very aware most people don’t have this opportunity. (I was born in London and spent the first half of my life as a city dweller.) It’s very beautiful but like anywhere else if you are living in it without a healthy balance it’s easy to not appreciate it fully.

It was a dull grey Sunday. I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder and was reluctant to leave my Light Box (which I recommend if you too have S.A.D.)

My thoughts were on a downward path of how bored I was, of the area that I’ve been living in, however picturesque for most of the last 25 years. (I’ve also had the luxury of time spent abroad in Spain and Brazil.)

So I reluctantly went outside on a cold day thinking how tired I was. Then I looked at the beauty of the Sea and  these words ‘arrived.’  

"I never get tired of the Sea 
 As it's so much wiser than me  
 I never get tired of the sound of the Waves 
 Teaching me to be brave" 

I started smiling at the words and catchy tune and then noticed people smiling back at me and how their faces lit up when they engaged with me.

"Well I'll never get tired of my delight 
 when people's faces smile and come alight." 

which reminded me, that I take myself so seriously especially when the weather is not to my liking, and the truth is 

"Well I'll never tired of the truth that
 my life is full of Joy" 

Making up songs always changes my mood. I’ve also written a song to remind me years ago. 

Thank you for listening. I trust it encourages you to consider the following:-

  • What are you most grateful for?
  • What do you never get tired of?
  • What can you notice with fresh eyes in your environment?

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