I’ve always loved butterflies. For me they are a powerful symbol of transformation, and part of my logo for over 15 years. Now I’m seeing them everywhere.

Delighted to see that my favourite organic skincare company Green People have not only launched a new butterfly range but are also donating 10% to Butterfly conservation.

Years ago I was amazed  when a graphic artist came up with a butterfly design for my logo without knowing they were a special symbol for me. All I’d said to him was that I was in a transition and wanted to keep  my rainbow and update my logo (formerly  a dolphin with rainbow from my days running a holistic mail order catalogue “Rainbow Express”)

Now I’m enjoying sharing my animated butterfly  thanks to the skills of Carolanne Barnard.

I’ve always been entranced by the colours of butterflies and received many special personal experiences. 25 years ago I was on a year’s shamanic training which confirmed my instinctive love of ceremony and symbolism. Our western “tribe” searching for a suitable name received a visit from a butterfly on a cold dull March day which refused to leave the shoulder of a member until we acknowledged it’s message for us. Being part of that Butterfly tribe was a catalyst for my songwriting and opening to my natural voice. The course was facilitated by Leo Rutherford of Eagles Wing, a dear friend and a spiritual mentor to me.

For those of you who want to know more about butterflies and why they appeal to so many people I’ve discovered two informative books published in 2005. One exploring the social history and our celebration of  butterflies has a wonderful name “Rainbow Dust” by Peter Marren. The author’s description of his first magical encounter at the age of 5 years which marked the beginning of his life as a naturalist.

The second book is also a nostalgic memoir. “In pursuit of butterflies” a fifty-year affair by Matthew Oates, another Naturalist who wanted to share his own love of Nature written “with a poet’s mind”.

And the inspiration for this blog was this beautiful butterfly (above) who caught my attention, when I felt drawn to sit in a non-habitual place in Saltburn, North East England in October. Only after I acknowledged the butterfly and took the photo did it fly on! Thank you!