Vlogs in process

Some of you know that I am planning to offer Vlogs to those of you who subscribe to my email list. So I thought “VLOGS that sounds fun” before I even know what the word meant. It will be great to have the opportunity to share more widely tips that I do so easily in groups and individual sessions especially as the same questions get asked over and over again.

But I reckoned without technology. I am not a natural tekkie. It doesn’t come naturally to me. I’m not like the 10 year old whose proud grandmother told me taught himself to upload his original video on dinosaurs onto Youtube. He’d previously asked his mother who didn’t know how to show him!

I discovered there is a lot more involved than I’d realised. Apart from technology issues which I won’t bore you with, except to say, I didn’t want to be my own movie director simply focus on content. Then there’s the question of me!

My insecurities. Am I good enough? I’m always teaching about non self-judgment with sound. I’m certainly not perfect. We teach what we need to learn. The more I focus on what helps me the better I feel. That’s what’s so great about sharing.

I get a lot of prompts of what and how to say things from “reading” people’s body-language. I can see where people are holding tension and offer suggestions and help them lighten up. Very different talking to a videocamera on my own.

Then there is what do I wear? As you will know if you follow me regularly I love colour but too much can be distracting.

Obsessing what I wear
Obsessing what I look like
Is not where it’s at at all
Seeing the truth of the beauty within
Ignoring the peacock’s call

My own wise words recorded in Miracle of Life in the final verse.

Just to say I will be doing it. Ideas and enthusiasm are still bubbling away. Don’t have a timescale at this point. I will find time to learn how to use Mailchimp to send it out to you as a subscriber. Please help me by registering your interest.

Love to hear from you if there is anything particular you would like me to share. my theme is tips for freeing your authentic voice.