Buddhist Monks

You never know who you are going to meet!

What an exciting week! So happy to have my new animated logo and pic uploaded on my home page on Monday. Expresses so much more of what I am about.

Tuesday I walked 100 yards from my home with intention to sit and clear my head outside and take a few minutes to meditate before I tackled my to do list. Suddenly 6 Buddhist Monks from Thailand appeared in Saltburn!! They are visiting a new monastery in Leeds.

Wednesday went into Middlesbrough running some fear thoughts I wanted to change. My heart opened went I saw Pablo Woodward Street Artist the “Disco Bunny” perform getting people smiling and connecting. Had a great conversation with him. Certainly plugged me back into my desire to smile and share with strangers. Believe he is on a great mission. View this Youtube clip if you haven’t already and share it where you can.