Rose Marie Khan

I would like to thank Suzi Joy Lever for her amazing Toning and Chanting Group.

It is now just over one year that I have been coming to this group – first of all from when I lived in Whitby and from April since I moved to Saltburn. It has been a year of total transformation. When I first came I was very quiet and timid with a mouse-like temperament. With the help of sound I have been able to connect with my inner strength and courage. My life has blossomed.

About four months ago I wrote a short song and performed it at several festivals throughout the summer. A massive change from someone who found it difficult to sing “Happy Birthday”.

My confidence has grown in my voice and in my life. I feel more able to speak my truth.

I feel inspired, energised and confident in my ability to step forward in working into new areas with sound. The area I feel most drawn to work with is with children of all abilities. I can see and feel that this kind of work would help them greatly.

Through Suzi’s Friday evening sessions I have built a foundation that is strong. I can now step forward with fun, joy, and confidence to do this work.

Thank you x

Rose Marie Khan, Saltburn