Suzi guided the group so gently without any pressure to perform, or do, or be anything other than what felt comfortable and right for each individual present. I could not believe how easy the sound came from me – and that I was actually enjoying the sound of my own voice!

To describe Suzi’s approach I use the analogy of a fear of water. Rather than being asked to plunge head-long into something scary, it was as if a kind and gentle stranger took me by the hand and said ‘I’m going for a paddle in the sea – would you like to come with me and watch?’….. ‘Would you like to put your toe in the water?… It feels really nice….only come if it feels ok for you’.

Before long I was in the water – swimming and enjoying all the sounds and sensations the experience brought.

This fun and liberating approach to connecting with one’s true essence has got to be a winner.

I would like to say to anyone who has reservations about attending Suzi’s workshops:‘Come on in – the water is just fine’.

Margot, Jarrow, Tyne & Wear