Hannah Wiggins

As a professional vocalist and voice coach I was very interested in ‘Sounding in the Solstice”, both from a sound-making point of view but also to help centre and ground myself again after a manic few months. This course did exactly that. Surprising I felt quite conscious of making sounds which were not as structured as actual singing, but the small, supportive and friendly group soon had me sounding along with everyone else. It is indeed most liberating to not be constricted by my normal structure of ‘music’.

The beautifully peaceful surroundings did much to help calm my mind and the weather kindly gave us some wonderful beams of sunlight to remind us of the solstice. I returned to my everyday life feeling calmer, more relaxed and more in touch with myself and my surroundings. I would recommend this course to anyone who feels the need for some time out of their everyday life to re-focus and be reminded of the important things in life.