Travelling Kites

Travelling Kites: Suzi Joy’s insights on relationships


How do we enjoy more fulfilling relationships?

This question has never been so highlighted as in the changes to our society from the effects of a Pandemic and Lockdowns.

Travelling Kites is a light-hearted ebook, full of practical suggestions, many of which are applicable to friends and family members as well as intimate relationships. A very personal book with universal application, Suzi Joy Lever has shared her insights, and how she has found her own voice. Once an unhappy teenager who never believed she could meet someone who would want to share their life with her, she is celebrating her learning and joy from 28+ years of being with her life partner.

Under the main headings of Communication, Relationship with Ourselves, and The Bigger Picture, topics include expectations, money, dealing with loss and disappointments, forgiveness, authenticity, compassion, tiredness, and awakening.

As an accomplished songwriter, she weaves in linkages to her own original songs, including 4 previously unpublished and initially exclusive to readers of this book.

Images include original fun illustrations by Alice Friend

” When the honeymoon is over
The journey has just began”

lyrics from “Intimacy”

An enjoyable guide to navigating the challenges of a partnership.

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Rose Diamond

In this beautiful little book Suzi Joy Lever invites you to explore the daily joys and challenges of being in a close relationship.

By sharing her own experiences in a 28 year partnership Suzi Joy shows how relationships can be a path to self-healing, wholeness, authenticity and compassion. When we take responsibility for ourselves within a relationship a series of small steps, combined with mindful skills, can free us from limiting mental and emotional patterns and contribute to a more conscious and happier self and world. Suzi Joy’s personal stories are supported by questions to take you into your own reflection and inquiry along with practical, fun suggestions on how to gain fresh perspectives and experiment with new actions. The colourful illustrations and, most importantly, Suzi Joy’s delightful original songs and musical arrangements, make this an uploading and generous gift from Suzi Joy’s heart to yours.

Rose Diamond, author of Whole Mind, Whole World – the power of Wise Choices

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