Tracey Roberts

From the beginning of our session, Suzi helped me relax and laugh away my awkwardness and connect into my body – I do yoga so movement is my comfortable language. By the end of the hour I’d totally changed my concept of what voice and sound and song is. Through a series of simple sound-making, and playing with a little melody line (actually a very powerful affirmation!) and then a beautiful sound visualisation, my voice became a physical part of me that comes from my deepest roots and right through my body, to be expressed with a lot less self-consciousness. It’s not something I do, it’s something I am.

I had a lot a fun in the session and felt completely held by Suzi’s clarity and professionalism. She creates a space of ease and playfulness and was so responsive to my needs. I have some simple exercises to carry on with and play with, and definitely a much better embodied sense of my own voice. Huge thanks to Suzi for releasing so many insights in the space of an hour!

If you are at all curious about your voice or have a feeling there’s more to express, then I highly recommend spending some time with Suzi.

Tracey Roberts, Yoga teacher, Somerset