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Tracey Roberts

From the beginning of our session, Suzi helped me relax and laugh away my awkwardness and connect into my body – I do yoga so movement is my comfortable language. By the end of the hour I’d totally changed my concept of what voice and sound and song is. Through a series of simple sound-making, and playing with a little melody line (actually a very powerful affirmation!) and then a beautiful sound visualisation, my voice became a physical part of me that comes from my deepest roots and right through my body, to be expressed with a lot less self-consciousness. It’s not something I do, it’s something I am.

I had a lot a fun in the session and felt completely held by Suzi’s clarity and professionalism. She creates a space of ease and playfulness and was so responsive to my needs. I have some simple exercises to carry on with and play with, and definitely a much better embodied sense of my own voice. Huge thanks to Suzi for releasing so many insights in the space of an hour!

If you are at all curious about your voice or have a feeling there’s more to express, then I highly recommend spending some time with Suzi.

Tracey Roberts, Yoga teacher, Somerset

Lucy Jordan

Thanks so much for the ‘taster’ session. Half an hour is really not enough to do much so I know I experienced only a snapshot of your skills and yet I found it very powerful. In half an hour I had shifted my stuck energy quite considerably, and it has continued to stay bouyant ever since despite battling some chronic health issues. I’m using the chants we did together as I walk the dogs on the beach and I feel empowered everytime. I can imagine working with you consistently would be life changing. I hope I’ll be able to do so in the near future.

Lucy Jordan, landscape artist, animal portraiture and animal communicator, Greece

Evie Smith

A sound workshop with Suzi just flows. I don’t know how it happens but there is no self-consciousness about using our voices. The atmosphere is light and easy and joyful. I turned up on my own and felt at home straight away. Suzi really is a masterful facilitator.

Each session I’ve been to has been different in its effect. After the first I felt light and energised. After the second I felt deeply relaxed. The third, I learned something about myself that I don’t even have words for.

Working in a group with voice is such a magical thing, exploring where my voice wants to go, being individual or layering in with the other voices. Seeing what I can allow my voice to do. My voice took on a life of its own. In the last session I went to I could hear my voice but didn’t recognise it as mine. Which felt like an opening up of possibilities. Everyone can be themselves and feel free to explore, confident that there is no judgement.

This is a healing experience but I go mainly because it is enjoyable and fun.

Evie Smith, Saltburn

Mark Lawton

Whether you’re looking for confidence, better vocal technique, fellowship, a spiritual reboot or merely to make a joyful sound for its own sake, I can thoroughly recommend Suzi Joy Lever’s Sounding Joy workshops. The sessions are relaxed, informal and friendly, and are particularly invaluable for beginners. I went as someone who’d never sang as an adult, and her fun, varied and useful chants, exercises and games were the first step I needed on the journey to find my own voice.

Mark Lawton, Saltburn

Rose Marie Khan

I would like to thank Suzi Joy Lever for her amazing Toning and Chanting Group.

It is now just over one year that I have been coming to this group – first of all from when I lived in Whitby and from April since I moved to Saltburn. It has been a year of total transformation. When I first came I was very quiet and timid with a mouse-like temperament. With the help of sound I have been able to connect with my inner strength and courage. My life has blossomed.

About four months ago I wrote a short song and performed it at several festivals throughout the summer. A massive change from someone who found it difficult to sing “Happy Birthday”.

My confidence has grown in my voice and in my life. I feel more able to speak my truth.

I feel inspired, energised and confident in my ability to step forward in working into new areas with sound. The area I feel most drawn to work with is with children of all abilities. I can see and feel that this kind of work would help them greatly.

Through Suzi’s Friday evening sessions I have built a foundation that is strong. I can now step forward with fun, joy, and confidence to do this work.

Thank you x

Rose Marie Khan, Saltburn


Suzi guided the group so gently without any pressure to perform, or do, or be anything other than what felt comfortable and right for each individual present. I could not believe how easy the sound came from me – and that I was actually enjoying the sound of my own voice!

To describe Suzi’s approach I use the analogy of a fear of water. Rather than being asked to plunge head-long into something scary, it was as if a kind and gentle stranger took me by the hand and said ‘I’m going for a paddle in the sea – would you like to come with me and watch?’….. ‘Would you like to put your toe in the water?… It feels really nice….only come if it feels ok for you’.

Before long I was in the water – swimming and enjoying all the sounds and sensations the experience brought.

This fun and liberating approach to connecting with one’s true essence has got to be a winner.

I would like to say to anyone who has reservations about attending Suzi’s workshops:‘Come on in – the water is just fine’.

Margot, Jarrow, Tyne & Wear