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Suzi guided the group so gently without any pressure to perform, or do, or be anything other than what felt comfortable and right for each individual present. I could not believe how easy the sound came from me – and that I was actually enjoying the sound of my own voice!

To describe Suzi’s approach I use the analogy of a fear of water. Rather than being asked to plunge head-long into something scary, it was as if a kind and gentle stranger took me by the hand and said ‘I’m going for a paddle in the sea – would you like to come with me and watch?’….. ‘Would you like to put your toe in the water?… It feels really nice….only come if it feels ok for you’.

Before long I was in the water – swimming and enjoying all the sounds and sensations the experience brought.

This fun and liberating approach to connecting with one’s true essence has got to be a winner.

I would like to say to anyone who has reservations about attending Suzi’s workshops:‘Come on in – the water is just fine’.

Margot, Jarrow, Tyne & Wear

Jools Williams

I didn’t know what to expect when I arranged a sound healing session with Suzi. We connected on Zoom and started some mouth relaxing exercises, immediately I realised how tense I was in that area and Suzi gave me practice to work on. Suzi also noticed my posture and highlighted a tension in the back of my neck. Suzi works intuitively and there was a lot of choice of activities for me to engage in. We went on to look at belly breathing, heart connection, resonance within the lung cavity, drumming and moving different parts of our body, and toning. It was all very enjoyable and fun. A few days afterwards, I could be found dancing around my kitchen drumming my legs and dancing with my dogs. Great fun, and highly recommended.

Nikki-Marianna Hope

I have been privileged to sing with Suzi Joy Lever, her voice has an unusually wide range and holds a beautiful resonance. Suzi Joy Lever will be an excellent guide for you to free your own authentic voice.

Nikki-Marianna Hope
Healer, West Sussex and Hampshire, England

Carolanne Bernard

Working with Suzi Joy was a refreshing and uplifting experience. Warm and accommodating, Suzi always had a positive attitude and encouraged my work to develop in a stimulating way. I look forward to possibly working with her in future, and will remember fondly both as a client and as a likeminded creative individual. Suzi was truly a ‘Joy’ to work with!

Carolanne Bernard